Catch the latest buzz…

Catch the latest…

What’s new at Artisans?  Well, just about everything but name and location!

On July 1st, Judi Ramsey, former manager of the Snohomish GroWashington store, took over as the new owner of ARTISANS MERCANTILE!

With the change in ownership, there has been some inevitable changes: in hours, in staff, in products carried… well you get the picture.

Something exciting is the formation of the new Children’s Corner, where you will find local children’s authors Sue Straub-Martin and Saacha Belgar books, as well as kids Hawaiian style shirts and some fantastic jumper dresses.  Baby blankets, teething dolls, bibs, children’s jewelry and more are available now all in one area.

Pretty Pallets joined us a bit earlier in the year and brought with them signs and pillows with great graphics and witty sayings.  They also hold classes where you can make your own sign with your own personal flair!

Sky Valley Works is a great new start-up company making natural and wholesome products like soaps, laundry detergent, cleaning scrubs, bath salts, and a few more interesting bits and pieces.  They will personalize your detergent scent at your request, and work hard at using local and organic in their products.

With the coming of Fabric Crafts by Nancy we now have cup cozies, bottle cozies, tea cozies…. hmm, I am sensing a trend here – Nancy likes to wrap things up – like with her wonderful bib and 1/2 aprons.  These are just a few of the things Nancy creates.  Come in and see the selection!

EKRdoodle Art and Creatives brings their lines EKRdoodles, filled with fun irreverent bits and pieces, as well as 47th and Pioneer which is vintage inspired, and often vintage recreated.  They also recreate with books, making fun “smash” type journals as well as art books and regular journals.

Willow Creek Pottery has joined us recently with a lovely line of nature inspired pieces – from leaf plates to small oil jugs emblazoned with leaves.  Dipping bowls, garlic and olive oil dipping bowls, mead cups, and so much more are available on the shelves at Artisans now!

Little Bird Designs has joined us with their lovely Swarovski  crystal and beaded necklaces, earrings and rings.  Bling this simple and elegant works for any woman!  Danielle has a real hand at making an understated statement!

Keltic Kraze is the latest artist to join us.  Ruth creates amazing and useful pieces of art by wood burning and painting practical pieces for your home – tables, boxes, wooden spoons and more.

Yes, there has been a lot of changes but one thing remains the same.  Our commitment to local NW small businesses that create wonderful products.

Stay tuned for more updates as we add more product lines and small businesses to our family!

WHO’S WHO: Our Artisans and Authors

The artisans featured in Artisans Mercantile are all local – some even within less than 5 miles away!  We currently have the following participants:

ARTISANS (Note: scroll down for authors)

Lynne Armstrong             Alpacas by Armstrong
Linda Davis                        Beadee Eyed Gal
K.M. “Twig” Davis             Twig – Handcrafted Knives
Liz Marshall                       Liz Marshall Art
Ron Paynter                       Lamps from Nature
Allison Gamage                 Trillium Handcrafted Jewelry
Meridee Biggs                    Bling Your “A” Game
Cathy Tao – Alexander     Infinity Jewelry Designs
Julie Hanenburg               Frog Lady Birdbaths
Karla Dickerson                Karla’s Custom Creations
Shannon Moore                Snohomish Candle Company
Sara Walker                      Recycled Bottle & Barrel Art
Sunny Roach                     A Piece of My Heart
Marti Darby-Miller          MDM Designs
Genelle Ackerly                StarShine Ent.
Julie Dutro                         Julie Dutro Artist
Sara Ignatenko                 Sage on the Mountain
Jeff Tillit                             Mojo’s Garage
Stacy Murphy                   Earth and Clay
Susan Straub-Martin       Strauberry Studios

TITLE                                          AUTHOR

Bittersweet Deceit                   Blakey Bennett
Blue Persuasion
Stuck in Between
The DeMarcation of Jack       Dana & Blakey Bennett

Geared to the Future              Dana Bennett
Geared to the Past

Life in a Whirlwind               David William Danberg
of Numbers

Lowell Larimar History         Jackie Minchew

I am We                                     Christine Pattillo

Light in the Darkness             Barbara Thom
The Heart of a Shepherd

Tubob                                        Mary Trimble
Sailing with Impunity
McClellan’s Bluff